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32 billion to be exact, outstripping sales of vehicular toys, action figures, arts and crafts, and plush toys, and second only to outdoors and sports toys sales. My aunt dropped him off at my apartment with a few cans of dog food, his bed, a few toys for us to play with. Upon returning to headquarters jay stops the countdown of a machine that would launch laura into space, and shoots serleena before she can eat kay. Don't be afraid to reply to people that appeal to you in interest/about me threads. You can also toggle the “user box” to hidden/or visible by clicking the icon in the lower right corner so it does not obstruct your view. ” according to, urban dictionary a boy varvara toy y, a boy Varvara toy is merely a “male used for sexual purposes. There are a lot of great things happening right now in your city. I am new here but i have a good feeling toward this site. Put on your doll face purple heart dollface black.


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